Sunday 20 September 2009

Pet Pride Play with me?

Frodo likes to play with Jenna but when she's in retrieving mode ('working') she won't play with him. What's he thinking in these photos?

Frodo: I think she's over there somewhere. Frodo: Oh, there you are, Jenna. Want to play?

Jenna: Got my mouth full right now.

Frodo: Aww, go on - play with me.
Jenna: Maybe later - busy now.

Frodo: Chase?
Jenna: Whatever . . Jenna: I'm going for a quick swim. Coming?

Frodo: Nah - just had one, thanks.

Frodo (thinks): If I get the ball away from her she'll have to play with me.

Jenna: That swim was good - very refreshing. Frodo, I can read your mind. You can't get the ball from me and even if you did Mrs Boss has got some spares. I'll play later - at the moment I'm working. Now, back to business.

Thank you to Bozo and his human for creating and hosting this meme.

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  1. Looks like you were having a good time together..:-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  2. Adore the captions to these delightful photos! Such fun!

  3. Aw Frodo! We'll come and play with you!

  4. I've noticed that labradors can talk with their mouth full. Ours do that too ;-)

  5. Hey, Frodo, you can come play with me anytime!

    Sam Schnauzer

    Yeah, Frodo, but I'm more fun than Sam!! You'd like me a whole lot more!

    Mojo the Most

  6. I can't believe it! What a cute namesake!!!

    Ms. Frodo's mother, would you allow me to use a picture of his in one of my posts????

    Mom is in love with him, she said 'maybe she wants to exchange..' =@

    Can we grab one of his pictures???
    He's just adorable. And so is Jenna. We'll link you and follow you.

    Much love form Brazil.

  7. i know that's what she's thinking sandy c ute group

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Frodo the Shi Tzu - please feel free to use Frodo the Faller's portraits (there are hundreds - even thousands) - no exchange possible, I'm afraid - he's
    Frodo the Faller because he's epileptic and he's my 'Velcro dog' :-)
    Please do follow - very happy :-))

  9. Poor Frodo, these Labs have got one track minds when it comes to retrieving. Thanks for a lovely blog.

  10. H'mmm ha ha ha - thanks Chris - I'm sure he'll survive, bless him!(I bet Papillons aren't like that . . . ;-))

  11. What a fun post. They must be so much fun to look at while they are playing/working. Beautiful, beautiful pups.

  12. hey frodo
    come lets play
    jenna is behaving a typical female - playing hard to get!

    Pet Pride

  13. Thank you all so much for your comments. The dogs are very different to the bitches - more demanding, more overtly affectionate - tom cats too are more demonstrative than queens :-)

  14. Lucky they have all this space to play.

  15. aww, what a sweet blog! thanks for visiting my blog, mum janice! ~~wink~~

  16. Beautiful dogs & beautiful photos!

  17. I have an older sister just like that...loved this post, not only because of the


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