Tuesday 22 September 2009

Conservatory roof

The original roof has heat-reflecting blinds but the conservatory still gets very hot in the sun. The cats love it and become quite limp - almost boneless - as they bask.
This shot shows one of the polycarbonate panels. The 'spikes' are bird deterrents on the apex of the roof.
Our conservatory roof has been leaking for some months now. It's about ten years old and made of polycarbonate panels. The first few leaks were quite minor - just a few drips (to join the human drips below - ta da!!)
Periodically Barry would go outside and climb a step-ladder with wooden block and mallet and hammer the slipping panel/s back into position. I am never happy around ladders and 'help' by putting my foot ineffectively on the bottom rung and hanging onto his legs. What I think that is going to achieve I have no idea! I suppose I might provide a reasonably soft landing for my long-suffering husband.
The next problem was that the panels slipped even though they had been moved back so Barry, ever inventive, put blocks of wood in the gutter to pin them securely. It is very refreshing to stand in the garden in the pouring rain in winter!
Finally, during a particularly heavy downpour, we discovered we could see daylight through the roof and the rain was coming down in sheets inside! At this point we decided a new roof was called for. This decision prompted much internet research and long telephone calls with conservatory manufacturers and constructors. Representatives made appointments and came along to take up hours of Barry's time discussing requirements. The longer the appointment, the greater the estimate it seemed.
We had thought we would replace the roof with one made from the same material but then we considered that a glass roof, self-cleaning and heat-reflecting, would look much more attractive. The salesman who came to discuss this immediately found common ground with Barry (actually, most people do - he has the happy knack of being able to walk and talk with commoners and kings) He was an 'old soldier' and made a very decent offer which Barry promptly accepted. Gillian was with us that day and her reaction was exactly the same as mine - we were amazed and a little concerned for Barry does not make snap decisions. However, he reassured us that he had done a lot of research beforehand and was happy that the deal was kosher. He is very thorough in his researches and analysis (after all, it used to be a major part of his work) We paid a large deposit and arranged for installation to be carried out this week.
We spent several days clearing everything out of the conservatory, upsetting the animals in the process - they dislike change! Our dining room is full and unusable and the cats, now they have realised nothing dreadful is going to happen, are enjoying galloping round the newly-freed space, which echoes pleasingly.
Barry thought the job was to be started on Monday but when he phoned to find out when to expect the installers he was told that the materials would arrive at the depot on that day and the fitters would be with us on Tuesday. On Monday evening, well after normal office hours, we received a phone call. There had been a series of minor disasters and the roof components had not been delivered. They were now expected on Tuesday and the men would be at our house at 8:00a.m. on Wednesday, confident that the job would be finished within the day.
A short while ago we received a further call to inform us that the wrong parts have been delivered. The proper bits will be delivered on Wednesday and would it be convenient to call next week? Monday was not possible as Barry has an appointment some way from here and I had arranged for the chimney sweep to clean our chimneys.
I have a nasty feeling about this - I do hope my fears are unfounded! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hope the salesman was not wearing a stetson and twirling a rope! There are so many cowboys around these days, but lets hope he does not turn out to have been one of them. To look on the bright side of the situation, Winston and Monty can enjoy an extended playtime in the empty conservatory until the roof arrives!

  2. This is just the sort of situation we would find ourselves in! However, I shall send positive vibes your way......you WILL get a new roof.....on Tuesday.

  3. Sylvia, Barry can usually spot a cowboy a mile off - let's hope he's right and I'm wrong (usual case!)
    Gennasus, thank you - maybe I WILL be posting a photo of the new roof :-)

  4. oh dear. roof problems are always a challenge. i hope yours gets fixed soon!

  5. Thank you cherie - me too! :-)

  6. It all sounds very worrying, I hope it gets sorted very soon.

  7. so frustrating--i hope it works out! i laughed at the part about the cats going limp--so would mine.:)

  8. Chris, Cathy - thank you. Life can be very . . . interesting . . . at times ;-)


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