Saturday 19 September 2009

Six Word Saturday

I've bought an electric bike - really!

I like cycling - but not up hills. Never could hack the uphills even as a schoolgirl and there was a steep one on my journey. It was great going home though!

Thank you to Cate from Show My Face for inspiring this meme
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  1. I could never get up hills on a regular bike either - even as a kid - it used to drive my friends crazy. I think an electric bike sounds fantastic!

  2. I'm looking forward to it - it should arrive early next week. I bet I still won't be able to keep up though ;-)

  3. Hills + headwind = redfaced, gasping me!

    Being so near the sea, we get plenty of wind and I try to work my route so that I have it behind me for the most exposed sections. It's not always possible of course!

    Chris (Life On The Hill) has one of those electric bikes, they look great.

  4. Mine should arrive early next week so I'll probably be blogging about it ;-)
    I'll look out for a post from Chris on the subject!!

  5. We shall have to arrange a race Janice, you on your elcetric bike, and me on my electric scooter! GGGG-O-O-O x

  6. sylvia - giggling here! I'm sure you'd win - more experience you see!

  7. I have an electric three wheeler

  8. I hate biking uphill. The new electric bikes look pretty awesome. And your post after this one? Really made me miss my dalmatian from childhood. Thanks for playing 6WS.

  9. Dr John - tricycle eh? I think they're more difficult to manage than bicycles or is that an urban myth?
    Cate - thank you - wish I'd discovered you sooner :-)


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