Saturday 19 September 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #70

It was a lovely day today - bright and sunny and very warm. Buddy Liver Spots had his tongue hanging out.

Jenna-the-Labrador's lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng tongue was hanging out too!

Frodo the Faller's tongue was tucked inside his mouth - he's so cool!
Thank you to Tracy at 'Hey Harriet' for this inspired meme.
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  1. Oh, I always love the doggie shadows! And these are just great! Such happy guys!

    Have a great day!


  2. ah lovely shots - the third is my favourite.

  3. Thank you Sylvia and (Gerald?)Ackworth born - they were a gift today; didn't have to look far at all. (Thank your lucky stars I haven't posted the other two dozen . . . ;-))

  4. I'd look at all 2 dozen :)

    such sweet and beautiful pups

  5. I'm a fan of critter shadows too and all three of yours are winners ;--)
    My fur-friends are at Small Reflections and Sacred Ruminations today, and scenic shadows are at Happily Retired Gal.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. I can hear their happy panting from all the fetching:)

  7. All three canines are impressive and beautiful. But Frodo, wow! His stance and shadow are one of dignity and pride. A fine looking dog with a stature second to none!

  8. Oh please post the other two dozen sometime, I would truly love to see them, not kidding either :)

  9. Fun shots and your doggies are so cute! The name 'Buddy Liver Spots' made me giggle. You're much more creative with pet names than I am ;)

  10. love your dogs, they are so healthy and active.

    my entry:

  11. lovely shadows, the third is my favourite!

  12. This is a mighty doggies shots this Sunday. Loving it.

    Your dogs are so pretty.


  13. Frisky-dog shadow,
    come and play with me! I’ll throw
    a stick, you fetch it!

    My Shadow Shot


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