Thursday 24 September 2009

Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday took place in Northern Ireland in 1972. There have been two inquiries. The second, The Saville Inquiry, was initiated in 1998 and took seven years to complete after which the inquiry team retired to digest and report its findings. It was expected that the report would be presented to the Northern Ireland Secretary in late 2009. Yesterday Lord Saville announced that publication had been delayed and could be expected in March 2010. Thereafter, the British Government will reflect on its conclusions before releasing the report to the public. The cost to the British taxpayer has been £200 million. There is no guarantee that the report will not be further delayed. The Widgery Tribunal, the first investigation, was dismissed as 'a whitewash'. Is history being repeated? What can be causing the delay? What is being concealed here?


  1. oh wow, this is an extremely sad historical post, ms. janice...

  2. We never seem to learn the lessons history teaches :-/


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