Wednesday 23 September 2009

Dust over Sydney!

Sydney has experienced an overwhelming and unprecedented dust storm. The red dust has been blown in from the desert by strong winds bringing chaos to the city. Commuter ferries have not been sailing in case they collide with each other - I can't imagine the dust would do their engines much good either.
At one hospital a spokesman said that the place had been inundated with joggers who had been overcome by breathing difficulties. Did the hospital carry out mental health checks on these foolish people who didn't understand that running through thick dust might be injurious?
For those who have had to continue their daily working lives in difficult conditions I hope tomorrow will bring improvement.
Dust over Sydney! - this could be a book - or a film - or a film of the book - or a book of the film - or all - or none . . .


  1. Saw some pictures of the storm. Must be rather worrying.

  2. Yes Mo - must be very hard on the frail and susceptible.


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