Saturday, 5 September 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #68 Cobnuts

In our front garden we have Kentish cobs and a corkscrew hazel (Corylus avellanus 'Contorta') - the squirrels love them and plant them all over the place so we have MANY saplings.
Thank you to Tracy at 'Hey Harriet' for hosting this meme.
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  1. Beautiful greens, sunlight and shadows! I can hear the birds singing.

  2. Lovely shots-I really like the shape of the outer leafy casing of cob nuts. The shape makes me think of little dresses and flower fairies. They taste good too if you can rescue any from your gardening squirrels-or-squaral-as I saw it spelled on ebay the other day!

  3. Lovely shadow shots! Love the green and the summery sunlight!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Love that shade of green...nature at its best!!

  5. What an amazing shot! Your really got the perfect one!

    Seems you still have a very nice weather, in UK.

    Enjoy the last days of hot summer days!


  6. Love your header!! What kind of honeysuckle is this?
    Cool shadow shot:)

  7. beautiful leafy the colour here...

  8. Never heard of this little nut tree, but I know about the squirrels, I have walnut seedlings everywhere!

  9. Helllo, great shadow shots this week, love the green so lusucious and bright, the way most things should be alive and colorful. Have a great Sunday :) cya MonikaRose

  10. Very delicate shadows - the green is brilliant!

  11. Lovely shadows and such vibrant greens! I'm imagining a cheeky little squirrel hiding in the shadows :)

  12. Thank you my dears for your lovely comments.
    Carla, I believe the honeysuckle is Lonicera periclymenum 'Belgica'. It has a delicious scent.


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