Saturday 5 September 2009

Camera Critters #74 Cousins reunited

My Camera Critters this week are all two-legged humans.
Our son and daughter-in-law returned to the UK on Bank Holiday Monday after two years living and working in New York City. Just after Susannah and I visited them last September Lehman Brothers collapsed and as Gareth was employed by them he thought he might be leaving sooner than planned. He wasn't a trader but worked in IT and fortunately Barclays took over the section for which he worked. So now he's back in Canary Wharf.
Gillian's and Gareth's children were together again for the first time in two years. There was great excitement - they had spoken to each other on Skype but nothing beats seeing each other in the flesh.
Getting a 'team photograph' proved tricky. Two years on they are all physically bigger and were very squashed on the three-seater sofa. Apart from that Gareth's children were tired having come in on the 'red eye'. This is the most satisfactory shot we got - from left to right, Eve, 8, Marnie, 15, Callum, 11, Kiri, 14, Elliot 10, Louis, 6. Eve, Elliot and Louis are Gareth and Nina's children. Marnie, Kiri and Callum belong to Gillian and Paul.

Marnie is exceptionally mature and capable. Recently she volunteered to stay with her 92-year-old great-grandmother, Barry's mother, who had fallen and broken her arm. It was not an easy task but Marnie performed cheerfully and without complaint and stayed until we insisted she came home. She is very good with young children, just like her mother, and manages to have fun with them without spoiling them.
Thank you to Misty Dawn and Tammy for hosting this meme.
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  1. Hi - aw, that's a nice post all about families! Our female human went through the 'credit crunch' and used to work for UBS in London so she understands how Gareth must have felt. She had wanted a dog for over 10 years but because she commuted to London she knew she didn't have time. When she was made redundant at the end of last year she was one of the few people who were delighted as it meant she could finally get - well, us!! So we're actually huge fans of this crunch thingy, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. Thanks JD and Max - I think you're much more fun than a London job and obviously your female human feels the same.

  3. You can't get a more wonderful bunch of critters then those! :o)

  4. You're right, no amount of phone talking, Facebook or Skype can take the place of flesh and blood face to face! So glad the kids got together!

  5. they are pretty and handsome..

  6. What a lovely reunion shot!
    Gosh, sadly, I don't know the last time I saw any of my cousins.

  7. What a beautiful picture of your family. How lucky you are. Thanks for sharing it.

    Anne and Sasha

  8. wow how cute!
    Great post and beautiful kids!
    Happy Camera Critters
    purrs and love

  9. Thank you my dears for your kind and encouraging comments.


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