Thursday 24 September 2009

Conservatory roof update

I'm feeling more confident about the roof now. Yesterday two men appeared at the front door. They had come on the off-chance of finding us in. They were fitters from the company that we've contracted to replace our roof. They were working in the area, about four miles away, and decided they'd visit and take measurements and have a look at the job they have to do.
Naturally, we were caught on the hop and being the houseproud person I am I had no worries about inviting them into the house. What? You mean some people don't have saucepans and dishes on the floor for bio-wipe? (Bio-wipe is executed by the dogs before the items go into the dishwasher) Doesn't everyone throw the dog bedding out of the bedroom window onto the patio below when it needs washing? I admit I hadn't got round to tidying up the cat litter and it can be a bit crunchy underfoot. Oh, I blush when I think what a slob I am but what am I doing now? I'm blogging!


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